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Personalized Art Sessions

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Enjoy a more personalized painting experience with Ashley. Book a video session to enjoy exactly what you need from the convenience of your location plus your preferred day and time.

If you need specific help or want a tailored 1:1 painting experience, these personal lessons with Ashley are designed specifically around any of your artistic needs or desires.

Personalize Your Session

These sessions offer a personalized experience giving you an experience beyond the workshops, courses, e-books, memberships, or other products. You can personalize your session with one or more of the following.

  • Paint with me! If you have something specific you want to learn to paint all you need to do is tell me all about it. If you have pictures of the inspiration, great! We will figure out how to create what you have in mind together.
  • Finish your artwork! I can give you valuable feedback to help you finish your artwork. I'll provide a fresh perspective and guide you toward achieving your desired results.
  • Ask for guidance! Ask me anything and learn while I demonstrate. You can learn and practice various techniques and skills that require my assistance.
  • Business advice! If you're ready to take your art to the next level I can guide you. Together we will create a strategy that is right for your circumstances. My advice is not a one-size-fits-all approach, because everyone has a unique journey.

Choose a pricing plan

Individual 1 Hour Session

Pay a one-time fee to get a 1-hour customized session with Ashley Krieger, designed specifically for your artistic journey. This Zoom video session offers flexibility in choosing your preferred day and time along with a single-hour commitment.  You can add more hour sessions to your cart if you need a longer session. You can also sign up for more sessions later on if needed. The price includes preperation time, interaction with you before lessons, and supplies I need to help make your session the most successful.

Monthly Sessions

per month
Enjoy a one-hour session every month with Ashley Krieger, designed specifically for your artistic journey. The hour-long monthly option allows you to hold a preferred day and time each month while committing to your artistic growth. You can always add more hour sessions to your cart if you need a longer session or more sessions during a month. Cancel at any time.

What people are saying about their sessions

"I loved our group art class with Ashley. She was and is a great teacher! I loved how patient she was with this beginner. She made sure I was happy with my final product by telling me that my picture was different because it was supposed to be. I loved that! We all see the same thing differently thus we add unique personal touches to our art." 

— Cindy

"I had a great time learning to paint wood texture on canvas with Ashley. I had a specific project in mind and she helped me make it happen! It was a lot of fun and I LOVE how my piece turned out! Thank you for your help with this Ashley!"

— Misti

Insert his testimonial on business coaching sessions on studio setup, starting an online business and business strategy when you receive it.

— Christopher

Get to Know your Instructor

Ashley has been a professional artist for nearly twenty years. She brings her experience in selling her artwork and teaching art to both adults and kids to her lessons.

With an impressive following of over 130,000 subscribers on her YouTube art channel and a thriving art business, she has established herself as a renowned artist.

Beyond her artistic endeavors, Ashley embraces a fulfilling lifestyle, supporting her family's full-time traveling adventures while homeschooling her three creative children.

In her personal journey, she has found solace and healing from struggles with depression and anxiety through art.

Ashley firmly believes that every individual possesses creative potential, a distinct voice to express, and the capacity to find joy in the art-making process.

Step 1: Before Your Session...

Please briefly fill out the form below to help guide your session. Once you book your session, I will ask you more questions.

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