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About Createful Art

CREATEFUL ART is a place to get online acrylic painting lessons and art lessons to help YOU relax while you become a better ARTIST.

All lessons are instructed by Ashley Krieger and include a variety of artistic styles and techniques. Ashley's lessons are UNIQUE because they don't just teach one way to make art. Instead, they encourage you to explore, be CREATIVE, discover your own style, and give you the knowledge and opportunity to PRACTICE your skills.

Createful Art's workshops are built to make the process of learning as EASY as possible so you can RELAX and enjoy the benefits of making art.

If you're just getting started, click below to learn what art supplies you need and sample 5 FREE art lessons.

Meet Your Teacher

Hey there, I'm Ashley Krieger a full-time ARTIST that has been teaching art for the more than 20 years. I love to travel and homeschool my 3 creative kids as we experience this wonderful world. I believe our happiness depends on taking the time to be creative, so I built CREATEFUL ART for you. 

Every great artist is creative and everyone, including you, already has GREAT creative potential! Here at Createful Art you will find inspiration, painting workshops, and ways to build your CREATIVITY so you can make your own masterpieces. ​

My teaching method is based on making art SIMPLE to learn, with step-by-step videos that encourage you to be CREATIVE. I hope you find my courses, art lessons and workshops to be educational, encouraging, inspiring, and most importantly, fun!

What people are saying

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I have enjoyed learning many new things, and having refreshers of things I already knew from you Ashley. You are such a nice teacher and I love how calm and reassuring you are, it brings home the reminder that I foremost love painting for enjoyment. I love that i can go back and see all kinds of lessons... Thank you for helping me become a better painter.

— Holly U.

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I haven’t painted in 10 years and getting back into it. This video was so easy to follow... Thank you so much!

— Krystal S.

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As a Beginner, I have watched countless videos but this is the best starter video I have seen so far. Thank you!

— @danceshadowmoon1

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