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Createful Art's Copyright Policy

You may not place any part of my lesson plans, blog posts, pictures, written posts, or lessons from this website on your blog, website, school website, or published document without my written permission. To get my permission you can ask me. If I see that you have not complied, you have broken the copyright laws and breached my copyright restrictions. If you have made a mistake, I ask you to remove them promptly or litigation may follow. It is simple to comply and respect others' work, however, litigation is not simple and can be very costly, you need to contact me, and ask permission.

I don’t particularly appreciate enforcing my copyright wishes. It takes away from the positive energy I need to teach art and create a blog worth visiting. But, it’s an unfortunate fact of having an online business. So below, I have given you some common copyright infringements so you don't make the same mistakes.

Here are the most common problems with copyright infringement.

Hopefully, this will help not only me, but you and other online businesses to protect your hard work. 

  • PDF Art Lesson Plans (even FREE ones) are dissected and placed on other blogs or in published documents. This is against copyright laws unless I have given permission.  Generally, copying any part of any ebook or lesson plan online or in a published document is against copyright. You could however, write to me and ask permission to include a part of a lesson in a document you are creating for your blog or school, etc. Sometimes, all I ask is to reference or provide a link to my art lesson.
  • My PDF Art Lesson Plans are made available to Schools and District websites for other art teachers.  This also includes Home-school Co-Ops. My lesson plans and ebooks are meant for personal use only and although I know teachers and parents might share, it’s not the best practice to place copyrighted and purchased material on the web without permission.
  • My photos and artwork are used without referencing my website. I love to have my lessons and pictures shared. However their needs to be a link to This is called attribution and it is required when sharing my photos. However you may not use my photos to promote your own products. If you like a photo, ask me. if you can use it.  It may not cost you anything if you ask permission, and that is much better than litigation costs, which can be very expensive.

What CAN you do with my Art Lessons?

  • Recreate all my lessons (free or paid, PDF, video or e-Course), for your personal use, or with your family. Feel free to post your results (not mine) on your blog or social media sites. You don’t have to give my site attribution but it’s always appreciated.
  • If you bought a PDF, you can publish the results of your student’s efforts on your blog, but don’t include handouts or any of my instructions/text/dialogue. 
  • You can use my photos from my blog with attribution, but I would appreciate if you let me know. I also may choose to return the favor and promote your website. 
  • You can tell your friends and family about my PDF’s so they can purchase their own. Sharing is fabulous, that is why I share FREE lessons on YouTube. But giving the lessons you paid for to someone else so they don't have to pay for it is nice for them, but it really hurts me. When you multiply that action, this makes it more difficult for me to make a living and keep making these lessons. It is also not very nice because it hurts my family that I have worked so hard to support. 
  • Use my art lessons or special technique to create your own lesson…no attributions necessary. I’m inspired all the time by a subject, technique or artists and I create my own lessons based on these things. If the inspiration directly comes from a source, I try to always site it. I say “try” because in my early years of creating this lessons, I didn’t always know to do this.

The Legal Way To Say IT-

Restriction: The contents of our Sites are protected by copyright and trademark laws, and are the property of their owners. All information on the sites is copyrighted by Ashley Krieger or copyrights purchased by Ashley Krieger, or part of Creative Commons, or unless otherwise noted. You may access and use the information and materials within the Sites for your personal use. You may not change, modify, delete, display, transmit, adapt, exploit, or copy for distribution or sell any information, material, trademark, or copyright on the Sites. You must obtain written permission from Ashley Krieger or any other entity that owns intellectual property on the Sites before you may publish, distribute, display, or commercially exploit any material from the Sites. By using the Sites, you agree to abide by all copyright notices or other posted restrictions.

Does this help? Remember, if you are ever in doubt about copyright violation, contact me. In this growing industry of free resources, you have to remember that someone made the first effort to create something worth sharing. If you want them to continue to share, just ask.

Thank You!

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