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Createful Art Membership

Enjoy a year-long artistic adventure painting with acrylic paints. Each week, you will get a new workshop that will teach you new skills, and give you invaluable knowledge, all while stretching your creativity.

It's all about perks!

The best thing about being a Createful Art Member is the access to my newest workshop weekly at the lowest cost. Plus, you get a members-only discount to use on previous workshops you missed. Looking for an even better discount? Choose to pay yearly and save even more.

Who is Createful Art membership for? Createful Art membership is perfect for those eager to enjoy the newest acrylic painting workshops! It's made for artists and creatives who want to dedicate themselves to improving their skills, gaining knowledge, and finding joy through weekly painting sessions. And here's the bonus—even if you find time to paint just twice a month, you'll be creating at a fantastic discount.

What's Included with your Createful Art Membership?

  1. Weekly Workshop Access: Enjoy access to a brand-new painting workshop every week. In the workshops, we'll explore diverse themes and techniques, keeping your artistic journey dynamic and inspiring.
  2. Complimentary Downloadable E-Book: Enjoy FREE access to Ashley Krieger's comprehensive e-book, "Get Started with Acrylics, Acrylic Painting Guide for Beginners" offering invaluable insights and tips for acrylic painters.
  3. Monthly Workshop Discounts: Receive an exclusive monthly 25% OFF discount code, unlocking savings on any of our previous workshops.
  4. Forever Access (life of Createful Art): As a valued member, you have the opportunity each month to access the newest monthly workshop bundle. You'll be able to enjoy the workshops you paid for during your membership, anytime.
  5. Access to your instructor: Ask questions, vote for tutorials, and share your artwork with your art teacher, Ashley Krieger. She is there to encourage, teach, and help you out on your creative journey!
  6. Invites to Events: Be the first to know about new products, in-person or live events, and new artwork by your instructor.

Choose a pricing plan

Monthly Payment Plan

per month for 12 months
Get access to new weekly painting sessions for a year. 

Yearly Membership

Discounted for paying a year up front. 
An artist holding an art journal to inspire creativity and happiness.

Access to New Courses

Createful Art Members get to enjoy "Createful Art Journaling." A safe place to paint, learn, explore, and write your creative thoughts. Making art a habit will help you be creative and happy.

This gives you access to my art journalling course, where you'll spend 15-30 minutes five times a week painting in your journal guided by prompts (with weekends off for your well-deserved breather).