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Get Started with Acrylics

in just 3 simple steps

Step 1: Get Needed Art Supplies

You only need five basic art supplies to begin. Learn what supplies you need and what my favorites are with my supply list.

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Step #3 Practice & Learn

Discover the joy of painting through immersive workshops, enriching books, exclusive membership benefits, and comprehensive courses.

We believe in the value of practicing at your convenience and at your own pace! We offer a diverse range of resources tailored to your individual preferences and the way you learn best.

Choose your own artistic path and explore various techniques, styles, and subjects.

  • Workshops Our workshops provide all the instruction you need to finish a painting while you're learning. They focus on giving you the know-how and relaxing during the process.
  • e-books Our books offer an in-depth resource about acrylic painting. They are a go-to guide for beginners to experienced artists.
  • Membership Join our membership program for access to a weekly painting workshop, a creative community, exclusive discounts, and special events.
  • Courses Our courses offer a structured learning experience to help you build your knowledge in a way that is best.