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Flower Field Sunset Painting Workshop

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In this painting workshop you'll paint an impressionistic Flower Field Sunset Painting using acrylic paints.

This Flower Field Sunset painting workshop will guide you through all of the steps and techniques necessary to complete this project and comes with:

  • Reference photo
  • Traceable
  • List of colors and how to mix them
  • Supply list
  • Full step-by-step instruction
  • Link to full step-by-step video
  • Project discussion
  • Plus a bonus art lesson on expressing yourself with: lines, shapes, and forms

You, as the artist, will have full creative control to either follow along, or express yourself by composing your layout, choosing your colors, shapes, and forms and using the lesson to paint the flowers and landscape in this beautiful sunset scene.

Allowing the artist to be creative while they learn about art is what Createful Art is all about. Let’s start creating!

Flower Field Sunset Painting e-workshop

Downloadable PDF | 12 pages | 12.6 MB | ages 12+ | 45min - 1 hr | Language: English

You will get a PDF (13MB) file

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3 months ago


Great instructions; taught as well as encouraged one to paint in your own style. The painting came out amazing. I have signed up for more classes! I’ll next be painting the subsets I. The bundle available. I highly recommend this course.