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Using color swatches and color mixing chart to match and mix paint colors

Color Mixing Made Easy: Using Swatches and Charts to Elevate Your Paint Mixing Skills

Welcome to Art Tip Tuesdays! Have you ever wanted to easily mix and match any color? In this lesson, I'll teach you how to match and mix any color you want using color swatches and my unique color chart method. First, watch the video below to see my simple method of mixing any color and how I match it effortlessly every time.

Step 1 - To start, simply choose the colors you want for your painting using color swatches or your reference photo to guide your colors. Color swatches are small, manageable samples of paint colors that you can find in paint and hardware stores. I enjoy grabbing color swatches that I gravitate towards to come up with a great color scheme for my next painting. You can also buy a color swatch album. By organizing colors systematically, we have a visual library of colors at our fingertips, making it easier to mix and match precisely the shades we envision.

If you would like to have a book of colors, I recommend the Sherwin-Williams one, linked below.

Sherwin Williams Colors Collection Deck Complete Paint Colors

Color Swatch Photo

Step 2 - Create Your Color Chart. A color chart is a valuable tool that helps artists see the infinite possibilities of mixing their colors. Begin by choosing a set of paints that includes the primary colors, Magenta, Yellow, and Cyan. Then, make sure to include additional colors that you will use often in your paintings. I have a full lesson on making your color chart, as one of my 5 FREE art lessons you can sign up for right here. Once you have created your color chart, you are ready to start mixing and matching your colors.

Step 3 - Matching Colors with Precision. Now, grab your color swatch and match it to the closest color combination on your color chart.

Step 4 - Mix the color that you found on your color chart. For instance, to create a specific color, like the one in the video above, I'll use Bronze Yellow, Brilliant Blue, Black, and White. If needed, adjust the colors by adding more of one of those colors. Keep mixing, using just a little of the color, adjusting each color until you get the perfect match. Once you get the hang of how much of each color is needed, you can create a larger batch of the color.

You can now confidently mix and match any color you desire in just a few simple steps. This essential knowledge will help you become a better artist, and make matching colors easier for your paintings.

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