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Easy Sketching Technique for Painting

Want to know how to easily sketch your paintings so that objects look correct? This is especially important when painting portraits, animals, and buildings, where one line off can make the entire composition not look correct.

The video below will teach you the easiest way to sketch so that you can focus on painting and creating stunning artwork. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned artist, this technique is the key to making the sketching step easier when you are using reference photos. Watch now and elevate your painting game!

Art Tip: How to Easily Sketch Painting Compositions

Materials Needed:

- Graphite tracing paper

- White Carbon paper

- Reference image or subject: I always provide them in my painting workshops. You can explore my workshops here.

- Pencil or pen

- canvases

- Eraser: In case you want to change the composition

Step-by-Step Guide:

Step 1: Prepare Your Materials

Gather your graphite tracing paper, a reference image or subject, a pencil or pen, drawing paper or canvas, and an eraser.

Step 2: Place the Tracing Paper

Lay the graphite tracing paper on top of your drawing surface, graphite side facing down (the darker side). Secure it in place with tape if needed.

Step 3: Position the Reference Image

Position your reference image or subject on top of the tracing paper. Ensure it stays in place with tape.

Step 4: Trace the Outline

Using a pencil or pen, carefully trace the outline or important lines of the subjects on your reference photo. Apply consistent soft pressure to transfer the graphite onto your drawing surface. You don't want to push too hard as this will create a dent in the canvas.

Step 5: Lift and Check

Carefully lift the tracing paper and reference image. You'll see a faint outline of your subject on the drawing surface.

Step 6: Begin Painting

Now that your easy sketch is ready, you can confidently start painting, knowing that your proportions and composition are spot on.

Using graphite tracing paper simplifies the sketching process and ensures that your paintings begin with a strong foundation. By following these steps, you'll achieve accurate outlines that set the stage for stunning artwork. Have fun painting!

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Thank you for watching. Leave me a comment if this helped you and feel free to ask questions.