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The Easiest Ways to Frame Your Paintings and Artwork

Do you want to know how to EASILY frame your artwork? This video has you covered! Discover tips for cost-effective framing that elevates your artwork, making it perfect for your wall, easel, or even as a thoughtful gift. Professionally framed paintings also tend to sell better – a win-win! Dive into the video and explore the framing tips below for an easy approach to showcasing your art.

Tips for Easily Framing Art

1: Pick out a canvas panel that will fit inside your favorite frame. Then you can easily take out the glass, and put your painting inside the frame. Varnishing your paintings is all the protection your paintings need. Here is a link to some panels I use right here - I love the 8x8" and 8x10" as I find a lot of frames that will work with these sizes.

2: Use wood panels the size that will fit inside a frame you love. Remove and discard the glass as acrylics will stick to the glass just like with the canvas panels above.

3. Paint on watercolor paper and cut your paper to fit inside a frame you love. You don't need to remove the glass. You can also paint on paper with acrylics. When you do the look and paint will act more like watercolors. If you don't like that, use gesso on your paper.

4. Paint on any size of watercolor paper and find a floating frame that will fit its size. This way you don't have to cut your art to fit inside the frame. Here is an example of float frames.

5. Paint on canvases with thick edges and extend your painting over the edge or paint the edge a solid color. This will make your art look professional without a frame.

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