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Do You Have What it Take to Become a Better Artist?

Do you have what it takes to become a better artist? The truth is, you do have what it takes to become a better artist! And in this lesson, I'm going to teach you what you need to get there.

As we all know, no one becomes a professional athlete, great at dreadful public speaking, or a wonderful musician without practice. 

If this sounds overwhelming or like a chore, it's not. I promise. 

Art is for those who feel overwhelmed. It helps you relax, unwind, and take time for yourself. It help's you face all the other tasks with a clearer mind and an upbeat spirit. It gives you energy. It doesn't take it away like a chore would. Making art will add to your life, not take from it.

Will you have enough time? It seems that there's never have enough time for everything. There are just too many things we HAVE to do, before we actually get to the things we WANT TO DO. Maybe you can relate? Or, maybe you're at a place in your life where you have abundance of time. I used to tell myself that there was just not enough time in my day to make art. In fact, I had a long list of excuses of why I couldn't make art, not just time. I shared my excuses with the illustrator Brandon Dorman (a family friend), and he gave me some valuable advice. I had a newborn and a toddler, and I thought my excuses were legit! He was nice about what he said, but he told me the truth - If I kept making excuses, I'd never become an artist.

I had to start doing. I had to start becoming, but my excuses were holding me back. So, I stopped letting them dictate my life, and made time for art. At first I thought other things would suffer, but instead, I immediately noticed the benefits. Coming back to art was like nourishment for my soul. What I have accomplished since choosing to make time for art amazes me.

You will have enough time, IF you make time for it. Let's just say, life hasn't gotten any less busy, but I purposely say yes to art and no to whatever else tries to compete with the time I've given myself to create. It works! I have hundreds of tutorials to prove it! I've made it easier for you to fit creating around your schedule by breaking up my tutorials into steps, so that you can take a break when you need to. My tutorials usually take 30 min. to an hour to complete, and can be spread out or done in single a sitting. I know that most people are painting with me on Sundays at a convenient time for them, but because the lessons are not live, you can do them anytime. Which is so convenient!

What if I'm not gifted? Some people think you need to be gifted to be an artist. I've been told I'm a "gifted" artist. This couldn't be further from the truth. I didn't just receive a present one day that gave me a whole bunch of knowledge and skills.

I read lots of art books. I've taken several classes. It took me a long time to develop the knowledge and skills I have today. However, I've simplified what I've learned for you, so you can see progress much faster. The truth is, what my art turned out like, was never the part that kept motivating me to create. I found joy in the process of creating and learning.

In our instant gratification world we sometimes expect to be a professional artist from the get go. We get discouraged when our art doesn't look right. And we think we just don't have what it takes. Those expectations aren't being kind to ourselves, or realistic. Giving ourselves grace to learn and grow is much kinder. Remember to pace yourself. Go as fast or slow as you want. Take the time you need and that fits best in your schedule to internalize the lesson and practice what you've learned.

Practice is focusing on the joy that comes from the process of creating. 

You will progress, I promise! Have you noticed that you have progressed with the first few lessons? It's awesome, and showing up for yourself is a huge accomplishment!

Is it worth it? Can you imagine the benefits of being able to say to yourself, "oh, I can paint that," and actually doing it. I'm talking about being able to create art in whatever style you want. Being able to follow a picture, or create from your mind. Being creative while enjoying a journey that provides relaxation and self expression in the process. 

I was right where you are years ago. Everyone starts out as a beginner. I couldn't paint a cloud for the life of me! I can see where you are as an artist now and teach you how to become the artist and creative powerhouse you want to be. I've gone through the process myself and studied many artists who've gone through it too. Now it's your turn, and your results are going to be just as INCREDIBLE.

All that holds you back, is yourself. So, give yourself the gift of encouragement. I know you can become a better artist, but you need to believe it too. 

Art is not like athletics where the most successful do better with the right body type if they practice hard. Or, is it like academics, where the greatest minds plow ahead.

Art is an expression, and while you're creating there is no wrong way or answer. Art accepts you just the way you are, even if you're color blind or need to create with your teeth or toes. This is what makes art so wonderful!

So, in the next lesson, we are going to get out our paints and begin practicing! I'm so excited for you! This lesson will be free, of course, and is one I give my Createful Art Members  or you can find it in my shop. I can't wait!

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"Thank you for this post. I am excited to start learning from you and practicing what I learn." ~ Katharine

"This was i needed to hear! Sometimes I get discouraged and I think I'm never going to become an artist but it's this kind of motivation that makes me want to go back downstairs and just try some more thank you Ashley" ~ Annie

"I’m so excited to begin !! I have so much fun when I paint I m not that great but I love to paint !" ~ Kelly

"Thank you so much for this! Even athletes and musicians who are very talented have to practice! I need to stop being so critical of myself and create and learn just for the joy of it." ~ Heidi